Badaghat College, the only higher education institution in the isolated area of Tahirpur Upazila, was established in 1994 AD as part of the creation of higher education opportunities for the hilly and backward communities of Bhati Bengal and the expansion of women's education. A public meeting was called with the aim of creating opportunities for higher education with the participation of dignitaries of the area and the general public. In the public meeting, Mr. Golam Rabbani Purkayastha Saheb donated 3 acres of land and the door of higher education was opened. The college was named 'Badaghat College' by consensus in the said meeting. About 35 km away from the district headquarters and about 12 km away from the Thana Sadar, the beautiful institution is located on 4 acres of land near Mollapara village in No. 5 Badaghat Union. With the aim of building Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman's Sonar Bangla, when the leader of Bangladesh Sheikh Hasina announced the nationalization of 300 colleges across the country, through the DO letter of the leader Mr. Moazzem Hossain Ratan MP Mr. Badaghat College whose memorial number is -71, dated: 26/07/2015 A.D. included in the officialization list. And with the permission of the Honorable Prime Minister Jannetri Sheikh Hasina, the decision to nationalize the college was taken on 10/09/2018 AD through the Ministry of Education's memorandum No. 37.00.0000., dated: 12/09/2018 AD. is